Delivery Policy

Despatch and Delivery Method:

To Visafly

Visafly recommends that items be sent to us via Royal Mail Special Delivery or another secure and traceable delivery service. Visafly is open from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm to receive completed applications.

A Visafly travel visa and passport specialist will assess your application immediately to ensure that your documents meet the requirements to be submitted the next morning if the embassy procedures and opening hours permit. Complete the application form and include it with your application package.

From Visafly

Visafly despatch your documents by Secure Mail unless you have selected another method. A fee of £10.50+VAT is charged for next day delivery by 6:00 pm. Additional charges apply for international shipping, weekend, same day, and after hours delivery.

Visafly cannot be held responsible for damage, delays or loss caused by third party postal or courier services.

We reserve the right to retain passports and documents until full payment has been received.

Visafly Customer Care

Visafly Customer Care specialists are available to assist you with your application or questions on your order. Please contact Visafly by email at or call 0800-825-0121. You should receive a response to your emailed questions within 1 hour during normal business hours although complex or unusual enquiries may take longer.

Submit your completed visa application documents and forms to the address below.

Ground Floor
4-7 Vineyard
Off Sanctuary Street
London SE1 1QL