Entry to the US

Forbes reported on a story a few years ago whereby a Pakistani tycoon who was eager to invest in an engineering company stateside but was refused a visa for his proposed trip. This experience put him off ever expanding his operations into the US for fear of the difficulties his South Asian and Middle Eastern clients would face attempting to enter the US. The US ultimately lost out as the tycoon took his business to Vancouver, Canada, instead.

Even short-term visits can be difficult for those not from the West. Immigration attorney and director of international personnel in human resources for Mount Sinai Medical Centre in New York City, Hamel Vyas oversees all the immigration matters of its employees, guest research collaborators and guest lecturers and states: “It’s becoming increasingly difficult to bring people over. After 9/11, all the rules changed. We started to live in a society where violence and terrorism have been prevalent, and no one wants to be the person who issued that visa.”