Refunds and Returns

Once payment has been made and Visafly has commenced services on the customer’s behalf, any cancellations shall be subject to full payment and refunds cannot be issued

Should a visa be delayed, refused or issued incorrectly due to an error or omission by Visafly, we are able to refund any relevant fees paid or meet the cost of a replacement visa.

We take the greatest care in handling customer passports and documents but in the case of accidental loss or damage, we can meet the direct cost of replacing the affected item(s). Visafly cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or consequential loss, which occurs under circumstances which are beyond our control.

If an embassy/consulate/other relevant authority refuses to issue a visa, the customer is still liable to pay a processing fee to Visafly and an application fee to the authority.

Any claims for refunds should be made within 90 days of placing your order. Refunds are processed within seven working days.