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Save time and hassle by letting our experts source and secure the official documents needed to support your Russian visa. We work directly with licensed Russian partners to obtain and process your Tourist Voucher and Confirmation or Letter of Invitation, quickly and easily.

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What is a Tourist Voucher and Confirmation or Letter of Invitation?

All visitors to Russia require either a Tourist Voucher and Confirmation or a Letter of Invitation, depending on the visa type.  Your Russia visa cannot be processed without this official documentation.

Tourist Vouchers and Confirmations are issued by authorised Russian agents. They must be obtained through an approved source, stamped and signed by an official. These documents authorise your visit to Russia and confirm your name, personal details and plans during your stay.

Letters of Invitation are issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry, regional representatives or by a branch of the Russian Federation Migration Service. They are signed and stamped by a person authorised to invite foreigners to Russia. Needed to obtain a business visa, this document confirms details such as your hosting institution, registration number and purpose of visit.

Russian Consulates often require original documents for business visas and may accept scanned documents for tourist visas. At Visafly we secure original documents whenever required, so your visa can be processed without any hiccups.